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Live Wire Electric & Construction installs security monitoring cameras for warehouse, industrial, office and retail. Their service includes installing cameras, running wiring, and setting up a 48-port network internet switch, which directs power to the fiber optics. We’ll run the Cat-5 or Cat-6 data wire.

Our clients ask us to install security systems because they help provide peace of mind.

The systems Live Wire Electric installs allow you to monitor your building, the property, the products, employees; customers. All can be accessed from the convenience of a smart phone. Images are stored as digital recordings, and can accessed anytime, anywhere.

In additional to security installations and monitoring, Live Wire Electric installs alarms such motion sensors and window sensors.

Loudness Sensors

Our experts can also install loudness sensors, which monitor noise. These sensors detect if ambient sound goes above a set decibel level – and triggers an alarm to go off.

Monitoring decibel levels is a good way to make sure environments are safe because they register even minor changes without giving rise to lots of false positives. When sound rises significantly for no apparent reason, it’s a good chance there’s a problem.

Security Monitoring – Alarms – Loudness Sensors.

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