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Electrician Corona CA

Commercial Electrical Contractors

Licensed & Bonded

  • Install, Upgrade or Repair
    all Electric Power
  • Set up Electricity
  • Restore Electricity
  • Improve Productivity
  • Save on Energy Costs
  • Protect Employees and Customers
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Licensed Electrician Corona CA
Commercial Electrical Contractors

Live Wire Electric & Construction were called to restore power to a large mobile home park in Corona, California. When they arrived on scene, the park was entirely without power. So the electricians at Live Wire Electric went right to work, getting to the bottom of the problem.

As is common in many incidences of loss of power, the transformer had blown. So the team purchased a new transformer and reconnected the 7,160 full three-phase electrical system.

The job necessitated not only replacing the transformer but also maintaining steady voltage and protecting current through many miles of underground electrical conduit. Jobs of this size require careful attention to details, as one false move could result in a loss of life.

In the end, the team discovered that the underground line at the mobile home park had been damaged. One of the legs that fed electricity from the power pole to the branches had burnt up, which happens with age.

Our Live Wire Electricians dug up the street, set up traffic controls for safety, ran new electrical wires, and replaced the line.

Live Wire Electric & Construction will install, upgrade and maintain all electrical power for your business, office or facility.

We understand the critical need for consistent, reliable electric power. Besides apartment buildings and mobile home parks, we service office buildings, warehouses, processing plants, shipping and fulfillment centers, factories, retail, medical facilities, and state and government buildings.

Live Wire Electricians will:

  • Run conduits.
  • Run power from service poles to buildings.
  • Replace transformers.
  • Replace and reconnect 7160 full three-phase electrical systems.
  • Maintain steady voltage
  • Protect electrical current throughout all underground conduits.
  • Use heavy machinery when needed to cut parking lots and asphalt streets to run wiring.
  • Check diagnostics on meters.
  • Work with city inspectors, making sure every job passes inspection.
  • Safety First and Always

If necessary, we show up onsite with backhoes, mini excavators or scissor lifts to get the job done. We install all transformers, panels and conduits according to OSHA specs.

Our team is extremely thorough and careful about every electrical job we handle.

Electrical Installs
Electrical Upgrades
Generators, Transformers, Panels, Outlets, Lighting, Switches, Security, Conduits; Wiring

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Electrician Corona CA
Commercial Electrical Contractors

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