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Electrician For Holiday Lighting and Decoration

San Bernardino & Riverside California

Whenever the holidays roll around and it’s time to install holiday lighting, call Live Wire Electric & Construction to give your home, business or civic center that festive sparkling atmosphere!

Our licensed electricians will setup and maintain your holidays lights. We can install and set the electrical timers for all decorations.

Our electricians setup holiday and Christmas lights for homes, businesses or parking lots. Any size building or plaza. We also do carnival lighting or Festoon lighting.

Electric Lighting Timer

As an additional electrical service, if we install your holiday lighting, we will come back and take down and store your lighting decorations for next year.

And as always, Live Wire Electric & Construction licensed electricians will happily show up for repairs when holiday revelers accidentally knock over a reindeer!

if you need an professional electrician to help setting up any holiday lighting or decorations, call us today at 909.528.4444.