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Residential Electrician – Home Theater Install

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Live Wire Electric & Construction will gladly help you install your own custom home theater system with recessed flat screen HDTV and surround sound.

Complete audio/video wiring and cable hookups, flat panel TV, components, HDMI, speakers, remotes. Custom installation of in-wall hidden wiring. Refinishing and repair to make it look like we were never there!

Our Rancho Cucamonga electricians setup your home entertainment centers. Live Wire professionals are licensed and bonded. Superior workmanship and customer service every time.

Home Theater Service Categories:

  • HD Flat Screen Television Setup
  • Surround Sound Speaker Systems
  • Complete Audio/Video Setup
  • Custom Hidden Wiring
  • Recessed Components
  • AV, HDMI Cables and Speaker Jacks
  • Refinish, Patch and Repair
Home Theater Chino Hills

Custom Residential Lighting

Live Wire Rancho Cucamonga electricians also provide a full range of interior and exterior residential lighting. We can install:

  • Recessed Can Lights
  • Decorative Chandeliers
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Driveway Lighting
  • Timer Lights
  • Security Lighting
  • Motion Sensors
  • High End Lighting Upgrades

And any other electrical jobs you need . . .