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commercial electrical contractor Rancho CucamongaUsually, building owners make sure their facilities have standard power prior to offering the property to industrial tenants. Then the tenant makes improvements to suit his company’s needs. But sometimes a tenant requires not only restored power but also specific volts and amperage, customized to their specific equipment needs at the factory.

For example, for a warehouse our Rancho Cucamonga commercial electrical team installed:

  • A 3-phase 480-volt 400 amp service main.
  • Subpanels, some of which were 3-phase 40 volt (100 amp and 200 amp panels).
  • 3-phase distribution panels.

Live Wire Electric & Construction will install, upgrade and maintain all electrical machinery for your Rancho Cucamonga warehouse facility.

We understand the critical need for consistent, reliable electric power. Besides warehouses, we service processing plants, shipping and fulfillment centers, factories, retail establishments, medical facilities, government facilities, and business offices.


Rancho Cucamonga commercial electrical contractors

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